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Mamut Touch (Rift / Rift S / Quest) Grips

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Mamut Touch Grips is discontinued.
Upgraded version available: Grips DX & Grips DX Stealth

Confirmed fit for Rift (CV1), Quest & Rift S

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Touch controller way to small for your hands? 
Are they slipping away from your sweaty hands? 
Do they make you press random buttons, 
because you just haven't got a good grip? 
Introducing a Knuckles type add on for the 
Touch controllers. Mamut Touch (Rift / Rift S / Quest) Grip

Our campaign on Indiegogo made this possible, check out here.

Set includes:

  • Left & Right Mount
  • 2x Strap, with fastener

Touch controllers not included.

"The Best Oculus Quest Accessories":



Review (French with english subtitles):

Assembly video.
NOTE: Either skip the original strap
or dismount and thread through bottom and reseat. 

Demo video: