Grips or Grips DX?

Grips or Grips DX?


We thought we should provide some information
regarding our Mamut Grips that comes back in stock soon and our DX Grips.

In general we made the DX Grips to be compatible with our Apto 2.0 gunstock.
So if you want to use a gunstock together with the grips, 
the DX version is the way to go.
The DX Grips were originally designed for the Quest1/RiftS.

Due to this there are a few things to consider if
using the DX with G2 or Quest2.
You need pretty long thumbs to be able to use them comfortably,
since the arc that goes over the hand sits slightly lower than on the Quest1.


It is also HIGHLY recommended to use a longer velcrostrip,
for example a velcro cable tie or such, to make sure that the DX is securely fastened to the ring. We will provide this at cost in the future.

The Mamut Grips are much more forgiving when it comes
to different hand positions and hand sizes.
So if you’re unsure about if your thumbs will be long enough or if younger users will be using the grips we do really recommend
getting the original Mamut Grips instead of the DX.

Grips DX on Quest2 controller & DX on Quest1 vs Quest2.
These awesome pictures is a courtesy of Reddit user LagggyLuke
(Link to thread:

Grips on Quest2 controller.
This awesome picture is a courtesy of Rendered Reality. 
(Link to their YT channel: Rendered Reality). 

“But I have small hands and want to use my Apto with my Quest2!?”
In that case you can either use the Apto without the grips
(the Quest2 controllers fit in the cups included).
You can also get the DX and modify them to suit your needs.
Please note that we will not be able to process returns after
you’ve taken an exacto-knife to the TPU.

“When will there be a specific DX version out for Quest2?”
While we are constantly drawing stuff,
we will probably have another version of the DX Grips in the future.
However, it is not in production, we don’t have any
time frames to when this might happen.
In the best of worlds we could have a new version out late Q1 2021
IE at the earliest 6 months from now.
Since we make our products of TPU and not silicone,
the production process take a lot more time,
the end result is way better though.

If you have any questions regarding what would be suitable for your setup
we can always be reached in chat or in our discord.

Take care, stay safe and game on!
Kind Regards
Stellan & Peter
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