Brexit / Australia

Below you will find information regarding shipping to the UK and Australia.


We currently have a lower limit of 190 USD per order going to the UK.

This since we won't have to apply for UK VAT this way. The administration around the new VAT system is too much for a two person team to handle.

PLEASE NOTE: This means that orders shipped to the UK will not be shipped with any deductable VAT attached to the order, ie you WILL have to pay customs fees upon arrival of the parcel. 

For exact details of how much you will have to pay I recommend you contact DHL in the UK directly.




Last year we had plenty of sales to Australia, and lost money on nearly all transactions. DHL has some pretty hefty fees for certain postal codes that they claim to be "remote areas". To work around this we have opened up regular airmail for grips/shirts etc but when it comes to the Apto you will have to get in contact with us at

If you do not live in what DHL consider a remote area we can process your order as usual. If you DO however we will have to add the fee to your order to be able to process it. Send us an email with your address and we'll get back to you with a quote.



In general we are very bummed out about the Brexit situation. If you run a business or know of any business that we could sell our stuff through please get in touch with us. Same goes for Australia, we have a small distributor there now but everything is not in place yet (and only Grips3 for the time being)