Free shipping on orders over $25 (Australia excluded)! - Apto pre orders are open, Index controller mount and cups included in all packages!


  • Assembly instruction booklet - Check

    Getting there. An understandable manual, finally.
  • Getting there.

    Parts are shaping up really good. Soooon!
  • For a limited time, preorders!

    It's on! Get ready for Index and Rift S! For a limited time, we're opening up preorders for Mamut Apto.Same type of packages as the former IndieGo...
  • Tick tock, tick tock. Pre orders of Apto ending.

    The pre orders is about to end.Be sure to get yours before everyone else, for a better price, with more included parts.Mamut Apto Pre Order
  • Mamut Apto - Production started!

    We have started the production of the tools for injection molding. Our IndieGoGo is now considered pre order.With 7 days left on the campaign, be s...
  • New stuff coming.

    At this moment, we have 29 Magnet stocks left in store.This will be the end game for this model.Now we'll plow all of our time and resources into o...
  • Bye Tictail. Hi Shopify.

    So, our former shop had its downsides. Quite a few actually.So, here we are, in a new and shiny suit.At the same time we're now showing USD instead...
  • So we got a discord.

    Join up, get guidance, gather ideas, give tips on products we should make. Anything.