New stuff coming.

New stuff coming.

At this moment, we have 29 Magnet stocks left in store.
This will be the end game for this model.
Now we'll plow all of our time and resources into our new project,
currently active on IndieGoGo, Mamut Apto Magnet Stock.

This IndieGoGo will now be considered as a pre-order,
at a very low price with included shipping worldwide.

Why not wait til it hits the web shop?

  • Substantially lower price.
  • Free shipping worldwide, to ALL countries.
  • All sets include Knuckles- and bottom-mounts 
    (with Wands, Touch and Quest support).
  • Upgrade option for old stock.
  • You'll receive it earlier than shop availability.

We will add Mamut Apto as a product in our web shop,
but merely for information, you will not be able to order it here yet.

For more info regarding this project, follow us on Facebook.

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