ProperD Apto 2.0 promotion + Updates reg. shipping time California & Canada.

ProperD Apto 2.0 promotion + Updates reg. shipping time California & Canada.

Lets start of with the fun news!

Proper D and Phaenix have produced a very nice showcase
of our revamped Apto 2.0.

Check out the video

To celebrate we will offer a 15 USD
discount on all orders over
170 USD
when using the promo code.

The promo code is “
ProperD” and will be active until the end of the month.
Meaning you basically get a sling / jersey / Halo etc for "free".

ProperD will also have a very special giveaway
in the near future featuring some never before seen Mamut stuff
(including an Apto 2.0 as part of the package).

Make sure you follow him on social media
(links in the above video) for updates on that
and just good VR gaming content in general.

Now onto a more serious note...

We have been seeing some pretty crazy timeframes for our free shipping to
North America and while it's getting better and better every week we are
still seeing pretty heavy delays to
something that will continue as the state goes into lockdown.

Canada Post is also extremely burdened right now
with shipping time frames up to 8 weeks.

There is no logic behind why some parcels are delayed and others are not.

We are seeing that orders placed via DHL Express to Canada
almost 100% gets processed in customs and slapped with some
pretty serious import fees, something that usually isn’t the case
when we send via regular international express (the free shipping).

Lastly we would just like to express our sincerest gratitude to all
of you who have placed orders with us over the last few months,
even though you know that shipping times are long and ETAs uncertain.

Thank you for your patience!
Without your support we wouldn’t exist. 

Take care, stay safe and game on!

Kind Regards
Stellan & Peter


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