Regarding shipping timeframes and operations during the COVID19 pandemic.

Regarding shipping timeframes and operations during the COVID19 pandemic.

We felt we had to reach out and specify
how the current situation is for MamutVR
and its sister site

We are currently seeing long delays in how USPS handles
international parcels that comes into the US.
Before the outbreak the customs process has taken place in
Chicago and the whole process from when the parcel leaves our
depot in Denmark to when its registered and cleared in the US
was 2-5 days (sometimes longer, customs being customs).

Customs now take longer but the big problem is the travel ban that
was issued on the 12th of March has heavily reduced the number of planes
going into the US and how many parcels those planes can carry.

As of today, 9th April, our DHL express service level is not that affected.
It's still very speedy.

We are not seeing the same kind of delays with Canada Post,
a few days extra but nothing extreme.

We are seeing delays on a couple of days depending on country but overall
everything seems to be operational.

New Zealand:
We are not able to get parcels to New Zealand at the moment.
Once we get word that this is changing we will inform you.
You can still place an order and it will be packed and booked and
waiting in queue for when they open up the routes again.

This is the current situation today, the 9th of April.
This can and probably will change, hopefully for the better,
over the next couple of weeks.
When we have more information we will make another blog post.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to
all our customers for the past, current and future support.

Thank you for your patience!

Please support small businesses both in your area and online,
and most importantly, Stay Safe and take care!

Kind Regards
Stellan & Peter
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