Kickbooster Media Kit

Thanks for showing interest in our Mamut Turf Master campaign!

Download the media for free use, wherever you see fit:

Who would be interested in this product?
Golfers and VR players

Target group, where are they?
(~365.000 members)
(~450.000 members)
(~330.000 members)
(~490.000 members)
(~25.000 members)

Low effort spamming places like
Reddit is always frown upon,
keep it classy guys.

What's the competition, and why is the Turf Master a superior product?
Current competition is 3D-printed clubs and holders on Etsy.
The main difference is hobbyist quality of 3D print
versus Turf Masters machined aluminum, real golf grip,
and holder in injection molded TPU.