Mamut Apto3 Base Assembly

Notes, Joint, repeat 6 times for full set:
*1: Might be very snug to fit, could be forced in with corresponding joint part. If other angle is needed, make sure the teeth in the joints doesn't end up in the crease.
*2: Set the corresponding joint part in wished angle, 20 degree steps possible.
*3: Might need a hard tighten, make sure joint parts leave minimal separation.

Notes, Cheek, repeat 2 times for full set:
*4: Any of the five holes is possible, adjust later on to fit your body.

Notes, final assembly base set:
*5: Make sure to untighten the screws before assembly, followed by tightening when part is aligned to your liking.
*6: Adjust the angles to roughly fit your body, fine adjust later.
*7: Adjust the height of cheek/but by rotating thumb screw to your liking.
*8: Full base set includes an extra half joint, this can be placed wherever and is intended to be the mounting point for a sling.

The steel inlay disc is harder than the aluminum joint.
Use enough (vertical) force and you will destroy the joint.
If used as intended the joint will be secure and super stiff.
Use common sense and do not try to use
your stock as a pull-up bar!


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