Mamut Turf Master Manual

For mounting the controller into you grips, please refer to:
Mamut Grips -
Mamut Grips DX -

Make sure everything is tightened before use.

Settings for games:

Golf 5 eClub

In settings, adjust the club with:
Club length: 19
Club angle X: 45
Club angle Y: -4

In settings, choose Controls.
In Controller Attachments,
scroll to the right and choose "Custom".
Hold the SIDE TRIGGER to line the Turf Master
to the in game club, let the SIDE TRIGGER go
and press FRONT TRIGGER when done.
TIP: To ease the line up, noose peek and
keep checking the in game club while lining up the IRL club.
Walkabout Mini Golf

In user settings, set Putter angle to 42°.

Since in game club starts from the controller,
it will look a bit weird (in game club adjusts its length
to the surface and gets kinda short),
but the feeling using a real club super-seeds
the initial disconnect of the in game club looking tiny.