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TABOR RAIDR Split Stock - Base set

TABOR RAIDR Split Stock - Base set

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We’re introducing a brand new, truly universal controller mount

and with this set a new standard for VR gunstocks.

Together with the team behind Ghosts of Tabor, Combat Waffle Studios,
we have been able to make a completely revamped gunstock, the Tabor RAIDR.

Equipped with an aggressive price point and a new detachment system we think will suit even more players.
To provide a lower entry level price wise we have separated the butt part from the stock into its own product.

All non-flexible parts of the gunstock are made from high-grade injection molded Zinc Alloy (Metal) that has been electroplated (colored black).
As with all our other stocks in the past, the tubes are made from carbon fiber and we still use our VERY strong magnets. Base set gives you fast target acquisition, perfect for close quarter combat. 

Due to our new controller mount you can use the Tabor RAIDR with pretty much any VR setup, including but not limited to PSVR2, VIVE Wands, VIVE COSMOS, Valve INDEX, Oculus Rift/S/Quest 1 2, Meta Quest 2 and 3, Pico 2 3 etc

TABOR RAIDR comes already assembled!
You’ll need a Phillips head screwdriver for fine tuning
and if you also have a butt attachment you’ll need a flat head screwdriver as well.

Users of the older Mamut Apto gunstocks will still be able to upgrade
and use the new controller mounts with their setup, please follow THIS LINK.

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