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Mamut VR

Mamut Apto³ Wasp Base + controller options

Mamut Apto³ Wasp Base + controller options

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Where do you go from injection molding when
the rest of the gunstock-scene still 3D prints their stuff?

Meet the most ambitious stock-project in the VR space to date:
* Laser engraved, machined and anodized aluminum Joints and Butt.
* Locking washer in plasma cut steel.
* Mamut branded Carbon fiber tubes.
* Custom anodized aluminum thumbnuts.
* New mix of plastics for a more durable controller mount.

Wasp Base set include:
6 Complete aluminum joints.
1 Extra aluminum half joint for sling attachment.
21 thumb nuts in aluminum.
2 Cheek/Butt sets for ultimate customizability.
2 Tube mounts in plastic with neodymium magnets.
2 Controller mount discs with neodymium magnets
(the rest of the controller mount is sold separately).
3 Mamut branded Carbon fiber tubes

Assembly instructions:

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